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What is this site?

Welcome to also known as

Note: The mark “palemoon” aka “Pale Moon” is used in the domain name and/or the dis­cus­sion under Fair Use and Nom­in­a­tive Use.

This site distributes the codebases list­ed below in tarball or 7Z form.

This site has moved to a no-DMCA jurisdiction. For add­i­tion­al remarks, click here.

* UXP Browser Bundle.

The UXP Browser Bundle is 8, count 'em, 8 XUL-com­pat­i­ble browsers and other pro­grams in one tarball, build­a­ble with one, count it, one sim­ple CLI com­mand.

The 8 pro­grams include work-alikes for Chatzilla [Ambassador], Classic Firefox [Albus Luna], Netscape, Pre-Quantum Firefox [Iceweasel], Seamonkey [Blue Gorilla], Seamonkey again [Borealis], Thunderbird [Icedove], and Thunderbird again [Interlink].

Ring the Bell. It's a lifetime supply of XUL.

* Albus Luna. This is part of the UXP Browser Bundle but is men­tion­ed here separ­ate­ly as well. Albus Luna is a Classic Firefox (tm) work-alike based on a well-known Firefox (tm) fork.

The up­stream fork -- PaleMoon (tm) -- is con­sid­er­ed to be important but is dis­tri­bu­ted under re­stric­tive terms and con­di­tions. Albus Luna exists to pro­vide the FOSS com­mun­i­ty with a de­ri­va­tive that can be mod­i­fied without issues.

Albus Luna is, in short, a pre-Quantum Classic Firefox (tm) fork that you can mod­i­fy largely as you wish.

* Mypal.

MyPal was Feodor2's PaleMoon (tm) fork. It's quite a story for another time.

* Interlink.

Back from Limbo.

To get to the dif­fer­ent codebases, use the grey nav buttons at the top of the page or the links in the de­scrip­tion sections right above. Thank you for your in­ter­est.

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