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This page.

This is the AlbusLuna Site Notices page. It may serve as the Notices page for a few other sites as well.

To navigate, use the black buttons at the top of each page. The list may be dif­fer­ent from page to page. There are also links in the text.

1. DMCA.

This site is now hosted in a juris­dic­tion that typically does not respect DMCA per se or pompous letters from attorneys. Civil actions may be initiated in the local Court system but abuse of pro­cess is unlike­ly to go well.

Matt Tobin is advised to read the add­i­tion­al note spec­i­fic­al­ly for him on the Interlink page. If Markus Straver aka “MoonChild” wishes to stick his nose in, he's invited to read the same note.

2. Privacy Policy.

This site uses stand­ard httpd output to collect in­for­ma­tion of most of the types that a web browser typically broadcasts.

This site doesn't pre­sent­ly use cookies. However, note that sites which are linked to may use cookies.

Data is re­tain­ed for such periods, and is used for such pur­poses, as are deemed ap­pro­priate by site administrators.

Security is one context. For example, logs are used to identify and block malware bots.

CCPA and/or simi­lar laws re­la­ted to large commercial organizations don't apply to this site.

3. Statements of Fact.

Statements are based on belief and best un­der­stand­ing of facts and are not necessarily statements of fact except where this is explicitly stated.

People with knowledge of facts that may be rele­vant to content are invited to sug­gest corrections or additions.

4. COPPA Notice.

COPPA, a law which limits the use of children's in­for­ma­tion in commercial or simi­lar contexts, doesn't apply to this site.

5. Contact in­for­ma­tion related to the sites:

To reach the web­site editor, use the fol­low­ing email address:

You can speak dir­ect­ly with the web­site editor in IRC as well. To set up an appointment for that, send email.

People or attorneys should identify them­selves fully when wri­ting to the web­site editor. If pos­si­ble, the first let­ter should in­di­cate first name, last name, a bus­i­ness street address, and the County of residence.

6. License in­for­ma­tion.

Except where otherwise noted, orig­in­al content on this site is licensed as follows:

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 International

also known as: Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International. For more in­for­ma­tion, click here.

7. Site tech­ni­cal notes.

7.1. This site uses responsive code. This means that it should work on your phone.

Presently, JavaScript isn't required or used. Every­thing is done using HTML 5 and CSS 3. The responsive features rely heavily on CSS 3 media queries.

7.2. https, i.e., SSL, sup­port is provided by Let's Encrypt.

7.3. The theme is based on Haggis Hell by OldCoder.

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